Our Facilities & Services

Whether your order calls for full or partial truckloads, Little River Lumber Company, LLC has the industry resources, the facilities and the services to fill your order and deliver it with an efficiency that enhances your operation. As a Little River Lumber Company, LLC customer, you benefit from:

  • Our Four Locations & Our Experienced Sales Staff
    Little River Lumber Company, LLC puts extensive knowledge and an impressive network behind every order you place. Our team knows where to find the hardwood lumber you need. Click here to find the office nearest you.
  • Kiln Drying Services
  • Little River has established relationships with kiln drying facilities throughout the country.  We use these relationships to set up custom kiln drying programs that are close to the lumber supply and close to our customer, therefore elminating unneccesary shipping costs.  Contact us today to set up your KD lumber program.           
  • Complete Transportation Services
    Little River Lumber Company, LLC has strong working relationships with more than 300 trucking companies throughout the United States. With Little River Lumber Company, LLC, your order is never at the mercy of one trucking firm.

Find out how Little River Lumber Company, LLC can meet your specific needs. Give us a call at the number below or click here for the number of the sales office nearest you.