Little River Lumber Company, LLC
Full-Service Hardwood Lumber Distributor

Little River Lumber

Your business depends on a ready supply of hardwood lumber. At Little River Lumber Company, LLC, our business is sourcing the quality of lumber you need, when you need it. Little River Lumber Company, LLC is a full-service hardwood distributor. We are headquartered in Asheville, NC, with satellite offices in Williamsport, PA and Granite Falls, NC. We have built strong relationships with sawmills, distribution and concentration yards throughout the United States and no matter what your Hardwood needs are, our veteran staff can find the right hardwood lumber for your business.  We can assist your company by setting up green and kiln dried lumber purchasing plans as well as custom kiln drying programs.  Let us help your business run more efficently by taking the leg work out of sourcing your lumber and in turn getting you a product that is of better quality and yield.  With energy costs increasing almost daily it is imperative that your business run more efficiently than ever.  Our glued panel, dimension, planing and ripping services will help your businees achieve these goals.  Contact us today to see how we can help.  Little River Lumber Company, LLC is family owned and family operated. We are personally invested in providing you with the highest quality product and service.

To see for yourself how Little River Lumber Company, LLC can support your business and enhance your bottom line, browse this Web site and then give us a call at our office location nearest to you. Click here for complete contact information.